Wen-Han Chang's Photography


As an artist and a photographer, the camera was applied to expand my vision. It not only records what was going on but also creates an illusion for the imagination in my mind.

-Wen-Han Chang

Wen-Han Chang investigates philosophical and metaphysical questions into photography. By challenging our understanding of the world, Wen-Han believes human beings could achieve a higher level to examine what is truth and what is illusion. With the aid of photography, our visual experiences may be expanded and lead to the exaltation of a fresh cognition of the world. Wen-Han’s challenge of the limit of photography is unease and relentless until the edge of the unknown is touched.

Wen-Han’s ambition of photography was started from his BS in physics. He decided to continue his career in photography in 2008 when he was laid off and a new attempt was generated. From 2009 to 2017, he worked as a medical photographer. The work led him to a professional field that consisted of photographing procedures, such as heart surgery, and documenting patients’ visible symptoms. The work was fascinating but didn’t satisfy his artist’s soul. In 2020, he got his MFA degree in Photography from the School of Visual Arts, continuing his professional track in art. Now, he is a director of photography in Peplink, an international IT company.