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The Collapse of Medical Care System

  Generally speaking, the medical care system is the most significant issue in every country. However, it has begun to collapse  recently and the severity , especially in Taiwan, has been beyond our imagination. The issue comprises a variety of  problems, such as medical ethic, medical insurance, law, violence, misunderstanding, and the limitation on treatment. The victims include not only medical personnel, but also general public.

  I have been a medical photographer who has been  working for Taipei Veterans General Hospital in Taiwan for seven years. I am always busy photographing patients for diagnosing various diseases and processes of surgeries. The most significant part of this work is to witness numerous doctors and nurses suffering from all kinds of injustice. Therefore, I decided to disclose such injustice through photographs in order to invoke attention to  this topic.

  Although each photograph was reproduced, it is based on real events. All of the actors in the photographs are doctors and nurses. By listening to the stories which they depicted and the experiences they went through, I realize what factually happened as well as their feeling at that moment, and then I designed the visual layout to concretize the conception into photographs.

  I sincerely hope that people  realize the current problems in the medical care  system via these photos. I believe that this issue will be improved by understanding and forgiving. The beneficiaries are not only medical personnel, but also general public.


























































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